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JM University Email Directory

Amber LeBlanc

Head Softball Coach

Angela Houston

Chief Academic Officer

Anne Ortego

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology

Ashleigh Monceaux

Director of Student & Academic Affairs

Ben Kaszeta

Head Volleyball Coach

Bruce Litchfield

Director of Athlete Recruitment & Development

Chuck Ashby

VP of Operations

Crissie Jameson

Adjunct Instructor of Math

Darian Breaux

Dean of Business

Darren Prince

Dean of Theology/Assistant Professor of Theology

David Angeron

University President

Delana Prudhomme

Adjunct Instructor of Sociology

Deonna Futral

Director of Finance

Djuan Louviere

Football Recruiter/Coach

Don Lee

Head Football Coach

Doug Vicknair

Assistant Baseball Coach

Hannah Henry

Adjunct Instructor of Math

Jennifer Wilson

Dean of General Education

Karen Whalen

Registrar, Accreditation Liaison

Jean Melvin

Chief Financial Officer

Lani Litchfield

Dean of Sport Science

Laura LeBeouf

Director of Academic Advising/Public Relations

Malik Trollinger

Football Recruiter/Coach

Patricia Gaspard

Director of HR

Rocke Musgraves

Athletic Director/Head Baseball Coach

Shannon Hollier

Admissions Counselor/Accounts Payable

Sonja Martinez

Adjunct Instructor of English

Tiffany Yochum

Adjunct Instructor of English

Timothy Miguez

Asst. Athletic Director/Head Men's Basketball Coach

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