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Financial Aid Assistance

Our Financial Aid Office is ready to guide you through the process of receiving the most financial support possible. Contact us directly or schedule a consultation with our financial aid advisor at

John Melvin University provides opportunities to invest in the foundation of your academic, athletic, and spiritual life. Our Financial Aid Office will help guide and assist you to receive the financial aid needed to advance in your calling. 

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Affording John Melvin University

Some students may believe they are not financially able to attend a college or University; however, the financial aid office at John Melvin University works hard with each individual to make it affordable. From this perspective, the University approaches financing with the expectation that there is a way if a student wants an education.


For this reason, the University has a Director of Finance to offer support and find ways to help obtain the financial assistance necessary to complete a university education. Students who wish for financial assistance are urged to contact the Director of Finance as early as possible.



The University offers many tuition discounts/scholarships.

 (The maximum tuition discount available is 50%)


  • Merit-based tuition discounts

    • awarded to students who illustrate academic, athletic, and artistic achievement, along with a range of other talents and criteria.

    • Merit-based discounts are for tuition only. 

  • Need-based tuition discounts  

    • awarded based on financial need.

  • Military/First Responders discounts

    • awarded to active and retired public safety personnel (firefighter, police officer, or paramedic)

    • awarded to Veterans and active-duty military personnel

  • Mature Adult discounts

    • Awarded to students over the age of 40

  • Working Adult discounts

    • Awarded to adults over the age of 30 with proof of employment.


John Melvin University Campus Work-Study

The University offers on-campus employment. However, the number of jobs is limited.


Community Service

Job opportunities in the area are plentiful for students who desire to work. Assistance in job availability is obtained through the Academic & Student Affairs office. A student must be careful to arrange the job to fit the University schedule, i.e., academic preparation is prioritized over work.


Private Loans

Lenders are recommended based on their historical lending to our students or the quality of products and services they provide to students and families.


Federal Programs

As a newly established higher education institution, the University currently does not qualify for Federal Student Aid FAFSA. 


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