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BS Business Administration – Healthcare Administration (120 Credit Hours)

General Education Courses

BIOL121         Biological Principles & Issues I

BIOL122         Biological Principles & Issues II

CMCN110      Public Speaking

ENGL101        Introduction to Academic Writing

ENGL102       Writing and Research about Culture

ENGL212       Literature and Other Media

HIST101         World Civilizations

MATH103       Applied College Algebra

MATH206       Math for Finance

MUSC101      Music Appreciation

PSYC110        Introduction to Psychology

SOCI101        General Sociology


Program Specific Courses

HCMG201      Principles of Healthcare Management

HCMG301      Legal Aspects and Compliance of Healthcare

HCMG303      Principles of Healthcare Finance

HCMG305      Community Health

HCMG403      Comparative Health Systems

HCMG405      Long-Term Care Management

HCMG407      Health Information Principles & Practice

HCMG409      Senior Seminar in Healthcare  Topics


Core Courses

ACCT101       Principles of Accounting I

ACCT102       Principles of Accounting II

ACCT202       Introduction to Managerial Accounting

BLAW310       Legal Environment

ECON101      Microeconomics

ECON102      Macroeconomics

FNAN300       Business Finance

INIT101           Information Technology Data and Applications

MATH301       Introduction to Statistics

MGMT320      Management of Organizations

MGMT382      Human Resources Management

MGMT401      Ethical Decision Making

MGMT405      Principles of Conflict Management

MGMT407      Managing Diversity

MGMT413      Operations Management

MGMT480      Marketing Management

MGMT490      Strategic Management

MKTG345       Principles of Marketing

MKTG375       Marketing Research

PHIL202          Critical Thinking

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