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Housing Resources

John Melvin University does not have on-campus dorms or campus housing.


Our administrative team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect living arrangements to suit your needs and preferences. Although John Melvin University does not offer on-campus housing or dorms, several housing options are available for our students. 

Our student services department has established relationships with several local apartment communities, real estate developers, and local landlords to help serve the JMU students.  

Below is a list of some of the housing recommendations available in the Crowley area. 

  • Wayne Daily: 337-207-3310

  • Jason Chambers: 804-502-1678

  • Sammy Reggie: 337-789-7266

  • Kyle & Nicole Doucet: 337-257-9709

  • Rice City Properties: 337-250-7661

  • Joe Borde: 337-250-7661

  • Loretta Seaux: 337-250-6442

  • Hetalben Patel: 601-810-7814

  • Paxton Young: 337-250-8576

​​*** NOTE: Housing is handled by the student and the student's family through third-party participants. The above listed are ONLY SOME OPTIONS. Students are free to choose where they want to live and are encouraged to communicate with their head coach for guidance, suggestions, and/or recommendations. John Melvin University is in NO WAY affiliated with participants financially or legally responsible/liable for housing choices, situations, and/or circumstances that might arise.

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