Female Basketball Coach

Christian Coaching

If you like to help others tap into their full potentials, grow spiritually, build their confidence, have a more meaningful life, and hold them accountable to achieve what they really want to do or be in life, then coaching is for you. Jesus was a Coach to His disciples; He taught them, guided them, encouraged and directed them on how to fulfill the goal of God’s Kingdom and be overcomers despite all the adversities they faced. This program offers 2 areas of emphasis (Life Coaching Emphasis or Sports & Fitness Emphasis) that will help you to identify your niche in coaching in order to be able to help others in their journey to success and the fulfillment of their goals and God’s plan for their lives. 

JM University Christian Coaching MA Degree Core Course Requirements
33 Credit hours - Major Core Courses ( See Core Requirements Below)

  • BITH502 – Gospels/Life of Christ

  • BITH551 – Biblical Interpretation

  • BITH575 – Comparative Religions 

  • CBUS 543 Advanced Business Course 

  • FIN 537 Financial Management

  • LEAD 525 Contemporary Approaches to Leadership 

  • LEAD 579 The Spirit Formed Leader 

  • LEAD 581 Leading Healthy Organizations 

  • LEAD 583 Current Issues in Leadership Studies 

  • LEAD 584 Effective Conflict Resolution 

  • PSYC 523 Psychology: Growing & Developing