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Christian Leadership and Management

The B.A. in Leadership and Management offers two areas of emphasis from which to choose:

  1. Business Management Emphasis: If God is calling you to be a light for him in the business world, we are ready to help equip you to be all that God wants for you. When you graduate from JM University with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership and Management, you will be able to explain, integrate, and apply foundational business knowledge in a work environment. The curriculum equips the student with business and administration skills, while also providing a solid biblical foundation for Christian influence in the workplace.

  2. Sport Management Emphasis: If God is calling you to be a leader or manager in the area of sports and athletics, JM University offers the Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Management with a Sport Management Emphasis. You will study the worldwide appeal and importance of a Faith-Based sport management field, as well as the moral and ethical implications of sport policy and strategies. Your courses will include Sport Leadership, Sport Ethics, and Sport Marketing and Facilities Management. JM University students in this field will be involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Gulf-Atlantic Christian Athletic Alliance. 

There is also a Master’s degree in Leadership and Management. Students completing the B.A. in Leadership and Management may continue on to pursue the M.A. . The M.A. degree program also has two degree emphasis options, (Business Management Emphasis or Sport Management Emphasis.)

MA Christian Leadership and Management 
36 Credit hours - Course Requirements

  • BITH502 Gospels/Life of Christ

  • BITH551 Biblical Interpretation

  • BITH575 Comparative Religions 

  • CBUS543 Advanced Business Course 

  • LEAD583 Current Issues in Leadership Studies  

  • CBUS582 Organizational Development & Change 

  • FNAN537 Financial Management

  • LEAD579 The Spirit Formed Leader 

  • LEAD525 Contemporary Approaches to Leadership 

  • LEAD584 Effective Conflict Resolution 

  • LEAD599 Leadership Thesis

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