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John Melvin University offers careers in sports for positions as athletic trainers, coaches, and athletic directors — which according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are in demand. The Sports Science department provides a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management with a focus on pre-athletic training, fitness, kinesiology, and sports psychology. The sports science program allows John Melvin University to acquire knowledge and demonstrate content understanding within a specific sports science program of study and develop skills and expertise needed for workplace application. The Sport’s Science Department aims to prepare John Melvin students to be research-based professionals with pre-professional knowledge, skills, and experience in on-the-job training. The Sports Science program of John Melvin University connects the professional study of human movement to God's design for mankind's stewardship of human and physical well-being while preparing students to serve Christ and His kingdom through a life of learning, work, and service. John Melvin's Sports Science program provides a strong biblical foundation with an exceptional educational experience that will enhance the student's competencies while providing networking opportunities to prepare students to lead in the sports industry. The overall goal of the Sports Science program is to develop students of sound mind, body, and spirit who will influence society in developing healthy lifestyles of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness and being.

College of Sports Science

Sports Management

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Sports Management will receive extensive training in the fundamentals and management requirements found within the sports industry and will provide students with the opportunity to apply these business skills and principles to the fast-paced, competitive, and ever-changing sports industry. The complex and advanced curriculum will equip students with the knowledge to be successful in a complex sports setting. Marketing and management strategies, along with event planning, facility management, and ethical issues found in sports, will be studied throughout this program to ensure that students gain the knowledge and experience needed to apply all understandings and practices to sports organizations at a local, state, and national level.

Tennis Class

Sport Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Sports Psychology program is designed for students interested in sports, physical and mental health, and fitness. Students will study psychological behaviors and wellness at the highest level to promote athletic and competitive success amongst a diverse and broad population of humans. With a concentration in Sports Psychology, students will focus on the movement of the human body from multiple perspectives, which will allow them to work in numerous fields such as coaching, rehabilitation centers, fitness, exercise, and prescription of movement. A Bachelor of Science Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Psychology can lead to additional job opportunities within the industry, such as nutrition, human growth and development, biomechanics, and careers within the health profession. Graduates will be skilled with the behavioral knowledge and techniques to apply psychology to the improvement of athletes and teams through communication, advice, and strategies that promote stress and anxiety relief while enhancing performance in areas from exercise to the athletic setting. A Bachelor of Kinesiology degree and the fundamental concepts taught through Sports Psychology have been around for as long as athletes have been competing; however, with a focus on attitude, movement, and perception proving to increase athletic performance, it has become a very sought-after degree with high demand in its field.


Masters in Kinesiology

Graduates of the Masters of Science in Kinesiology-Sports Science will have an in-depth understanding of the responsibilities and practices required within the kinesiology and sports science industry. Students will develop leadership and management skills essential to the sports and athletic field. This program uses evidence-based training designed around clinical and practical research to advance skills in the areas of sports medicine, injury prevention and movement science, health care professionals, rehabilitation, and training with knowledge and expertise on the study of movement and development.

Sport Exercise

Pre-Athletic Training

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology-Pre-Athletic Training will receive extensive knowledge, training, and skills in exercise science with a focus and concentration in pre-athletic training. This program will allow students the opportunity to attain careers in sports clinics, fitness centers, health clubs, rehabilitation programs, and training facilities. Graduates can serve as instructors, specialists, directors, or managers in various facilities. Students in the Pre-Athletic training field will be provided with an in-depth overview of the requirements and responsibilities of the Athletic Training profession. The Pre-Athletic Training curriculum prepares students for real-world situations that require proper training and knowledge to prevent, manage, examine, diagnose, and treat injuries and medical conditions. Pre-Athletic Trainers are highly skilled and educated individuals that provide a hands-on approach to specializing in athletic health care, the study of physical activity, and individual health that allows these trainers the opportunity to work with coaches, doctors, and physical therapists.

Weight Trainer

Exercise Science & Fitness

The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Exercise Science and Fitness program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed for career opportunities found in a variety of sought-after opportunities such as, but not limited to, healthcare, fitness, exercise psychology, personal trainer, physical therapist, and chiropractic. This program prepares graduates for clinical, commercial, and corporate fitness settings through a combination of detailed course preparation and hands-on supervised experience through internships. Exercise Science and Fitness focuses on human movement and changes that occur in the body on many levels. This program provides graduates with various opportunities in a demanding healthcare industry.

Couple with Laptop

Masters in Sport Psychology

The Master of Science in Kinesiology - Sports Psychology prepares students with the ability, skills, and knowledge needed to succeed in sports and exercise programs and organizations focusing on skilled athletes' mental and physical well-being. Through research, this program develops a complete understanding of the importance and need to address the well-being and performance of athletes as well as identify problems related to athletic performance. Graduates of the Masters of Science KinesiologySports Psychology can apply their acquired skills in the areas of personal trainer, sports coach, sports research consultant, mental performance consultant, performance psychologist, sports research specialist, and school psychologist.

Work in Sports
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