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Develop. Grow. Succeed.

JM University provides a Christ-Centered Higher Education that helps students advance and follow their calling to make a difference in a changing world through their careers. At John Melvin University, you are part of something bigger than yourself. You are a force for good in the world, and you help people improve their overall quality of life. Today's world needs strong people of influence now more than ever. John Melvin University offers a variety of degree programs with a Christian foundation.  For more information on available degree programs, please contact the admissions department at

  • All JM University students enrolled in any JMU Bachelor's program are required to take 36 Credit Hours of General Education Courses and 42 Hours of Religious Education Courses. As you grow academically, you also become equipped to act on God’s calling to advance His Word wherever you go.

Pick your degree program

Associate Degree Requirements:

60 Total Credit Hours Required

Bachelor's Degree Requirements:

120 Total Credit Hours Required

Master's Degree Requirements:

36 Total Credit Hours Required​

  • Graduate Level Courses:         = 36 Hours

College of Business

Bachelor's Degrees (120 Credit hours)

Master's Degrees (36 Credit Hours)

College of Sports Science

Bachelor's Degrees (120 Credit hours)

Master's Degrees (36 Credit Hours)

Classes: Classes
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