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Master's in Business Administration

Graduates of the Master’s in Business Administration will be equipped with a variety of skills and knowledge that will allow them the opportunity to be successful within the demands of the global business environment. This curriculum will focus on leadership, management, administration, and human resource skills that support the demands of emergency management, finance, data examination, healthcare management, and the international requirements of the business. Students acquiring an MBA degree will be well-versed in ethical leadership, technology, and decision-making needs that are detrimental to the success of all organizations.

The Master's in Business Administration offers the following concentrations:

MBA - Healthcare Administration

Graduates of the MBA in Healthcare Administration will have the knowledge and skills needed to handle real-world situations and be successful in the ever-growing and demanding field of healthcare administration and the healthcare industry. This program focuses on leadership skills with an emphasis on management, finance, strategies, processes, procedures, and technical skills uniquely and specifically designed for healthcare organizations.

MBA - Hospitality Management

Graduates of the Master’s in Hospitality Management will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to implement the leadership skills of the ever-growing hospitality industry successfully. This program provides students with the hospitality knowledge of highly skilled professional managers, enabling them to be influential leaders for companies or corporations. Students will master the crucial skills and principles of hospitality organization and implement advanced skills that leadership and operations management require for success. Graduates with a Master’s in Hospitality Management will have a wide range of business opportunities found in this industry. Examples of career paths may include hotel and restaurant management, food service director, tourism, event planning, resorts, lodging,  and sales. The options for graduates are limitless, and this program prepares students for the leadership and management roles needed, no matter which hospitality or career path is chosen. 

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