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Our Journey to Advancing Students Academically and Spiritually

John Melvin University was founded in 2021 as a Christ-centered university in Louisiana. The first classes at John Melvin University were held in the fall of 2022 as an online university with the main campus, administrative offices, and computer labs located at 123 N. Parkerson Ave. in Crowley, LA. JMU is located 20 miles west of Lafayette, LA.

Crowley, Louisiana is known as the Rice Capital of the World.  In the spring of 2022, the Crowley community voted to name the university’s mascot after the historic 1950s Crowley Millers Professional Baseball team.  The JM University Miller’s name is in honor of the many “mill” workers of the rice mill industry of Crowley, LA.

John Melvin University Grand Opening

Inaugural Class - Grand Opening August 2022


David Angeron and Jean Melvin Angeron founded John Melvin University based on faith, education, freedom, and community. David and Jean recognized 3 major problems with higher education and opportunities for students.

  1. Lack of Insight: Families are picking colleges without understanding exactly what they are getting in return for their educational investment.  Many universities are focused more on recruiting to increase enrollment without focusing on the quality instruction necessary to ensure the successful advancement of the graduates.

  2. Lack of Opportunities: Due to current college athletes receiving an extra year of eligibility and the passing of the One-Time transfer rule, there are now limited opportunities for high school student-athletes.

  3. Lack of Christian Influence: The lack of Christian inclusion and the increased push of political opinions by instructors are destroying the ethics of higher education.

The good news is that the founders of John Melvin University understand what is happening on campuses worldwide and are ready to meet the challenges they face. David and Jean believe these challenges are amazing opportunities to elevate John Melvin University to a new normal where creativity and innovation lead the way to limitless possibilities.

John Melvin University is a Christ-centered, online, and hybrid course campus that is the gateway to success for countless scholars, athletes, and industry leaders.  The JM University’s board of advisors has over 20 years of experience building communities and successful businesses while developing industry leaders in religion, education, business, healthcare, management, and the sports Industry.

We believe that “doing is learning”. Whether you attend classes in person or online, your experience at JM University will be enlightening, immersive, and hands-on.  Smaller class sizes allow students more opportunities for active engagement, development, and growth.

Finally, John Melvin University is committed to building a brighter community. Every community wants to become a great place to live and work. JM University intends to create a place our children and grandchildren will want to be. We want to attract investments to our community, provide good jobs, and create living areas throughout the city where citizens will want to work, live, shop, and play. The founders realize that a strong education system creates a strong talent base and appeals to investors and business professionals. John Melvin University is committed to volunteering time with local youth sports programs, local schools, local hospitals, and local businesses to help others grow and succeed.

As a small, non-traditional private institution dedicated to creating leaders, John Melvin University empowers students from diverse backgrounds by providing transformative educational experiences. As a non-denominational inclusive university, we specialize in cultivating relationships among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other partners, while providing opportunities for every student to advance academically, athletically, and spiritually.

Founders David Angeron and Jean Melvin
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