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MiaShare Partnership
Interest-free payments

Graduate Debt Free

John Melvin University is partnered with MiaShare to offer Interest-Free Payment Plans. We aim to provide students with the financial freedom to begin their college careers today and make payments over time. This option offers easy-to-manage payments that are fixed and always interest-free.  Start your learning journey today without having to pay the full tuition upfront!! If you are interested in applying for an Interest-Free Payment Plan please get in touch with the admissions team.

For more information on MiaShare Payment Plans click on the link below.  NOTE:  Students with academic or athletic merit scholarships will need to apply for a customized payment plan through the admissions office. 

  • JMU offers financial aid options from private providers where students can choose the option that best fits their funding needs. Program and student eligibility criteria differ by provider and product. JMU encourages students to evaluate all funding options and select the option that best meets their individual needs and circumstances.

  • Disclaimer: Financing applications are subject to an applicant credit review and individual provider terms and conditions. JMU does not endorse any listed financing options and is not affiliated with any lender or servicer. Loans are not offered, originated by, or made by John Melvin University.

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