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Sports Science

Prepare for your passion to work in the sports industry

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John Melvin University
College of Sports Science

John Melvin University offers careers in sports — which according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are in demand. The Sports Science department provides a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, with a focus on pre-athletic training, fitness, wellness, sports management, and sport psychology. The sports science program allows John Melvin University to acquire knowledge and demonstrate content understanding within a specific sports science program of study and develop skills and expertise needed for workplace application. The Sport’s Science Department aims to prepare John Melvin students to be research-based professionals with pre-professional knowledge, skills, and experience in on-the-job training. The Sports Science program of John Melvin University connects the professional study of human movement to God's design for mankind's stewardship of human and physical well-being while preparing students to serve Christ and His kingdom through a life of learning, work, and service. John Melvin's Sports Science program provides a strong biblical foundation with an exceptional educational experience that will enhance the student's competencies while providing networking opportunities to prepare students to lead in the sports industry. The overall goal of the Sports Science program is to develop students of sound mind, body, and spirit who will influence society in developing healthy lifestyles of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness and being.

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